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Tap Card

The TAP (Transit Access Pass) card is a reusable, reloadable electronic card that can hold all your Foothill Transit passes and cash fares at once – making boarding the bus a breeze!

Reduced Fare TAP cards are orange.

Pay with TAP and get more.

Choose TAP over cash for your ride.

It’s safe and convenient.

  1. It’s faster. No fumbling for change or memorizing fares.
  2. Increased travel options. Load Stored Value (money) on your TAP card and travel on 24 transit systems across LA County.
  3. Balance protection. Protects your card balance against loss or theft when registered.
  4. Discounted fares. Our fares are lower for customers who pay with TAP, and all our passes are available only on TAP cards.

TAP cards, passes, and Stored Value are available:


  1. Use the TAP LA smartphone app or buy a TAP card for just $2 at any Foothill Transit Store, ?, or any of the following locations.
  2. Load up your card with a pass or cash amount at a Foothill Transit Store, or 866.TAPTOGO (827.8646). Your fare?may take up to 2 hours to show up on your TAP card, so plan ahead. You can also load cash on your TAP card on board the bus; ask your bus operator for help.
  3. Ask for special purchases, like a Day Pass or a transfer, before you tap.
  4. Tap your card or phone against the round TAP logo on the farebox where you board your bus.
  5. Wait for the beep. This indicates your fare has been deducted from your card.
  6. Go find your seat and settle in.


Where is my TAP card accepted?
Lots of LA County transit providers accept TAP cards, including Foothill Transit, Los Angeles Metro, LADOT, Pasadena Transit, Santa Clarita Transit, Montebello Bus Lines, Culver CityBus and more. For some services, like Metro Rail, a TAP card is the only way to pay your fare. See the full list of current TAP partners at

What if I don’t tap my card on the TAP target?
Please make sure you do – bus drivers can issue citations for anyone who fails to tap or pay cash at the farebox.

How long will my TAP card last?
Each TAP card is designed to last 10 years before needing a replacement.

How should I care for my TAP card?
Treat your TAP card just like you would a debit card or state ID. Register your card for Balance Protection at or 866.TAPTOGO (827.8646), and you’ll be able to recover your pass or cash balance if your card is ever lost or stolen.

Can my card demagnetize in my wallet if it is next to my credit cards?
Your TAP card is designed just like your other credit cards, so treat it with care and it is not likely to have a problem with demagnetizing.